Use the r. s. p. Grease Gun Pro to quickly and efficiently lubricate those hard-to-reach places 
 on your bike.
The Grease Gun Pro is made of metal, and fits comfortably in the hand. It features a long  dosing point for precise, clean lubrication and it is compatible with the Microlube system. The integrated spring ensures that the grease is automatically pressed into the Grease Gun Pro from the container. The built-in ventilation valve guarantees continuous functioning.


Grease Gun Pro
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Use the r. s. p. Grease Gun to quickly and efficiently lubricate those hard-to-reach places  on your bike.
The Grease Gun is made of metal, and fits comfortably in the hand. It features a long  dosing point for precise, clean lubrication. The r. s. p. Slick Kick, Blue Grease and Bearing Buster grease tubes are compatible with the M15 thread on this grease gun.

GreaseGun für Tuben
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Press Tool

Mit dem r. s. p. Press Tool wechselst du die Buchsen deines Dämpfers schnell und einfach. Keine langen ServicezeiteWith the r. s. p. Press Tool you change the sockets of your damper quickly and easily. No long service times - a vise is enough and your damper bush slides like new.
Here's how it works: Damper with the r. s. p. Clamp the press tool in the vice and insert the socket easily and quickly in accordance with the instructions for use.
r. s. p. Press Tools & Co. make your work easier.n – ein Schraubstock genügt und deine Dämpferbuchse gleitet wie neu.

Press Tool

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Microclean (PART CLEANER)

r. s. p. Microclean is the most efficient bike component cleaner with integrated cleaning  preparation. Thanks to its unique and innovative design, r. s. p. Microclean is extremely economical, which means that the 10 litres of cleaning fluid go a long way. r. s. p. Microclean  is compact, and is made from plastic-coated steel sheets, making it perfectly suitable for your workbench or for wall mounting. The cleaning pistol with brush attachment enables quick, efficient cleaning of all components. r. s. p. Microclean is made in Austria.


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