Brake Fluid 250ML.

r. s. p. Brake Fluid is a brake fluid for top performance in the world of racing. Our brake fluid  is well known for having values that considerably exceed the DOT 5.1 norm and can resist even stronger loads and higher temperatures. Our brake fluid is used by many teams in  the Mountain Bike World Cup.
Technical specifications: Boiling point 270 °C – wet boiling point 185 °C,  fulfils SAE J 1307F - ISO 4925 - FMVSS 116


r.s.p. Brake Fluid

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Our pH-neutral Hand Cleaner with abraded plastic has proved itself over many years.  The hand cleaner is perfectly suited to the demands of frequent hand washing in the workshop and service centre. Additives help to replenish oil and protect your skin where frequent hand washing is needed. The abraded plastic keeps the drain clear at all times.

r.s.p. Handreiniger
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The r. s. p. Workshop Apron consists of a durable blended fabric and features a broad neck band.  The side band has a quick-release fastener. The  front pockets for small tools on the bib are extremely practical features.
Washable up to 60°C Apron length: 72 cm Material: 65% polyester and 35% cotton

r.s.p. workshopapron

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