Tipps &. Infos zu r.s.p. Werkzeugen

Grease Gun PRO

It’s easy: Unscrew the grease container. Pull the spring on the container down and lock by turning. Fill the grease container with any r. s. p. grease, screw on again and unlock. The grease gun pro is ready to use. Now you can lubricate precisely and effi  ciently by pressing on the piston grip. Don‘t shorten or modify the nozzle of the grease gun !


Grease Gun

It’s easy: Unscrew the r. s. p. tube cap, remove the seal and screw the tube to the Grease Gun from below.
Ready to go!

Micro Clean

It’s easy: Fill your Microclean with the 10-litre canister of r. s. p. Bike & Chain Cleaner. Place the dirty component on the perforated grid and start cleaning by using the cleaning pistol. Professional tip: Dispose of the used cleaner directly into the empty 10-litre canister of r. s. p. Bike & Chain Cleaner using the drainage tap.