Tipps &. Infos zu r.s.p. Suspension

Damp Champ

It’s easy: Select your Damp Champ in the appropriate viscosity from 2.5 wt - 15 wt according to the specifi cations of the manufacturer of your shock absorber system. Now exchange the used oil in your shock absorber system for the new Damp Champ fl uid as prescribed by the manufacturer.
Damp Champ is long-lasting and provides top performance for your shock absorbers. Protect our environment - recycle used oil.
Professional tip: Get the maximum out of your shock absorber system and lubricate the moving parts and seals as prescribed by your manufacturer with r. s. p. Slick Kick grease.

Air Fluid

Air Fluid reduces friction and stick-slip and protects against wear. Through added additives Air Fluid is extremely age resistant, has an high anti-rust eff ect and a good viscosity-temperature behavior.
Attention! Application and fi lling quantity according to the manufacturer‘s instructions.
Profi tipp: In your workshop use Air Fluid 10 l.

No Stick Slip

No Stick Slip is a friction reducer additive. 3 - 5 % No Stick Slip mixed in the fork oil largely prevents stick slip. No Stick Slip generates a stable and well adhering lubricating fi lm, also under high pressure. It is compatible with plastic and rubber parts. No Stick Slip mixes very easily with the r. s. p. Damp Champ.
Profi tipp: In your workshop use No Stick Slip 5


Lefty Service Kit

The Leſt y Service Kit has been especially developed by r. s. p. in collaboration with Cannondale for cleaning and protecting your Leſt y hybrid suspension fork (2013 model onwards). The Service Kit consists of 50 ml Leſt y Clean and 10 ml Leſt y Lube. Leſt y Clean removes the lubricating oil in your Leſt y suspension fork and prepares it for lubrication with new Leſt y Lube. Leſt y Lube is the friction-reducing lubricating oil for your Leſt y hybrid suspension fork.
The Leſt y Service Kit provides long life and performance for your Leſt y hybrid suspension fork (2013 model onwards).
Note: Observe the manufacturer’s specifi cations and directions for the 100-hour service of the hybrid needle bearing system. Professional tip: We recommend r. s. p. Slick Kick for lubricating the Durathon Sealing System.