Tipps &. Infos zu r.s.p. Fette

Slick Kick

It’s easy: Apply Slick Kick generously to all moving parts and seals when servicing shock absorbers and forks.
Slick Kick provides top performance for your bike.

Creak Freak

 It’s easy: Apply Creak Freak thinly using a brush

Bearing Buster

It’s easy: Clean ball bearings thoroughly using your r. s. p. Bike & Chain Cleaner. Then apply Bearing Buster generously to the dry ball bearings using the r. s. p. Grease Gun.
Professional tip: The thread of the Bearing Buster tube is compatible with the r. s. p. Grease Gun. For cable pulls and your saddle support use r. s. p. Slick Kick.
Bearing Buster & Co. makes your work easy

Go Flow

Go Flow is a semifl uid grease for lubrication of freehubs. It was specially developed for the lubrication of pawls in freewheels/hubs. Go Flow has a high adhesive capacity and withstands high surface pressure.
Temperature stable to – 30 ° C. NLGI Class 0.

Soft Grease

It’s easy: Apply Soſt  Grease generously to components using a brush.